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Wholesale Turkish Bath Gloves 100% Organic Viscose Scrubbing Mitt Kesses

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Keeping yourself clean is now more important than ever, but very few people have the tools to be able to do that properly When it comes to spending any amount of time in the shower or the bath, the best option is to get yourself squeaky clean is going to be these Kesse Turkish bath gloves!

Designed carefully to make sure that they fit just right over the hand, these lightweight and versatile Kesse Turkish bath gloves are going to hold just the right amount of water and soap of choice so that you use it to get those suds everything that you want to without having too much of either (a common problem with sponges and normal face cloths). With strong stitching and a stripe of color, these are also versatile fashion accents that will easily dress up your space while serving a practical purpose.

Soft on the skin and sized large for versatility, these are perfect for those with sensitive skin. From use with children to adults with delicate skin, having a set of these Kesse Turkish bath gloves is going to make daily cleanliness easy, irritation-free, and in a color of your choice.

Key Features:
  • Fabricated with Viscose
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Spa quality Skincare.
  • Made from thick, durable, and soft organic materials.
  • One size fits all.
  • Ships worldwide.
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