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Wholesale Pure Turkish Beach Towels

Each Product sold on are subjected to a quality control process at the last phase of production in addition to fault recovery procedures during manufacturing.

Custom Design, Private Label, Fulfillment Service

Welcome to Pestemal

Welcome to our exclusive collection of custom towels designed for beach, bathroom, and kitchen enthusiasts! Pestemal takes immense pride in presenting a comprehensive and versatile range of towels that combine functionality with personalization. Whether you're lounging by the ocean, pampering yourself in the bathroom, or working culinary magic in the kitchen, our custom-designed towels will elevate your experience to new heights. What sets our towels apart is the emphasis on customization and private labeling. We understand that everyone has their own sense of style and preference, which is why we offer a wide array of design options to choose from. From vibrant patterns to elegant monograms, you can create a towel that truly reflects your personality and taste.

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High-Quality Products

Our products are top segment products in the market and they all have the The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate. All phases of the production are carried out in Turkey(a great majority of them are manufactured in Buldan, Denizli which is a world-famous place in the textile industry).Each product sold on are subjected to a quality control process at the last phase of production in addition to fault recovery procedures during manufacturing. Products are examined during this process in terms of coloration errors, stains, weaving and winding [the phase when tassels of Turkish towels are tied] faults. All faulty products are immediately removed from the production line. Most of the products in our stock are made of 100% Turkish cotton. In addition, we also have bamboo and viscous mixed products. For your technical knowledge, we use Ne 20/1 and Ne 20/2 carded cotton threads in our Pestemal made of cotton. We also prefer Ne 10/2 and 12/2 carded cotton threads in our piques to ensure the required thickness.


Totally Customizable Orders

You can arrange every detail of your order you will place on by contacting with our sales consultants. Provided that the minimum required production amount is met, you can customize the type and color of thread, pattern and size of the product, type and size of the tassel, material and shape of packaging and all other options that you can think of. In addition, if you want to create your own pattern and design or produce a product that you have designed through, we can manufacture the product just for you and you can reserve the rights of your product. places importance on customer confidentiality in every respect.


In order for your shopping on to be deemed as a bulk purchase and receive a discount, minimum order count should be 100. In addition, you can purchase any product you want separately at retail price.
All types and amounts of orders are equally important for our company and they are taken care of in the same way. Differences in orders only reflect on prices and the higher the count of an order, the higher the discount. If the count of each item/variation in your order gets higher, it will be easier for us to supply them and we will be able to offer you more affordable prices.


How to Order

Ready to Ship Products


  • No MOQ.
    Lead Time: 2 business days (in stock items) , for out of stock needs to check item by item to give the lead time
  • Price: 2 x the wholesale price + Shipping costs


Bulk Order with Lowest Minimums:

  • MOQ: 50/order, 5 pcs per style & color
  • Lead Time: 3 business days (in stock items) , for out of stock needs to check item by item to give the lead time

Customized Products

Ready Designs:

Customize our designs with your logo embroidery or logo label and/or private packing options. Customize our ready designs, using any color combinations that you seek.

Custom Designs:

Develop your own designs from scratch. Simply send us designs in PDF vector file + notes or tech packs and we take it from there.

Mix & Match:

Combine some custom designs with some ready designs.



  • No MOQ
  • Lead Time: 10 business days
  • Price: 200 USD mock up fee which will be refundable if the customer gets back with a bulk order (500 Pcs).

Bulk Orders for customs designs:

  • MOQ: 100 Pcs /order, 50 each color (50 pcs 1st color + 50 pcs 2nd color = 100 pcs 1 design)
  • Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
  • Customization Fee: Free customizations for MOQ 500 Pcs.