Benefits of Private Labeling for Your Brand:

Private labeling offers several advantages for your brand:

  1. Brand Identity: Elevate your brand by adding your logo to products, create unique brand identity.
  2. Brand Loyalty: Gain customer loyalty as they associate your brand with the high-quality products they love.
  3. Exclusivity: Gain control over design and branding, making your products exclusive to your brand.
  4. Marketing Opportunities: Custom labels and packaging open doors for creative marketing strategies to promote your brand.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 

Our MOQ for private labeling and packing is just 100 pieces, allowing you to tailor our products to your brand's unique vision.

Pricing for Private Labeling and Packing:

  • Label Printing: For only $0.25 USD per piece (size: 3 x 7 cm), you can enhance your branding. Our MOQ for label printing is 1000 pieces, and we’ll store any extra labels for future orders.
  • Roll Paper: Priced at $0.35 USD per piece (size: 30 x 7 cm), this is another fantastic branding opportunity. MOQ for roll paper printing is 1000 pieces, and we'll store any extras in our warehouse for your convenience.
  • Labor for Private Labeling and Packing: At just $0.45 USD per piece for each detail applied to the products, you can ensure a consistent, branded experience.
  • Logo Embroidery: For a sophisticated touch, add logo embroidery for $1.50 USD per piece with a maximum size of 20 cm.

Lead Time:

Our private packing typically takes around 3 weeks, including label and packing accessory production time.

How to Order Private Labeling and Packing:

Simply develop your packing accessory design in a PDF vector format, incorporating your logo and sizing it to your requirements. Send it to us at to get started. Or if you prefer just send us your logo and we can create the desing artwork for you.

Sampling for Private Labeling and Packing: While private labeling and packing doesn't offer sample options, we can provide samples of our previous work. Once bulk accessories are produced, we'll share proof photos, including application of accessories on the products.

These options empower you to craft a customized, branded experience for your customers. As costs may vary based on your specific requirements, please share your label and packing accessory details to receive an accurate quotation. For further questions or customization needs, feel free to contact us.

Elevate your brand with personalized private labeling and packing!