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Nazar Series Multi-Purpose Turkish Towel Made From Recycled Cotton 95x180 cm

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  • Regenerated Cotton
  • Takes up far less space than ordinary towels making it very suitable for trips. Measures 95x180 cm (37x71 inches) (±2% residual shrinkage), weighs 300 gr (0.66 lb).
  • Suitable for decorative use with the appeal of its tassels, also can be used as beach towel, tablecloth, blanket, pareo, seat cover, etc.
  • Manufactured with recycled Turkish cotton in Denizli, Turkey where high-quality textile products are woven for hundreds of years.
  • Made in Turkey

Why the use of regenerated cotton?

Also known as ‘white gold’, cotton is one of the most water-intensive crops and requires large amounts of energy and chemicals until the harvest time. According to agriculture statistics in India, 22,500 liters of water is used to produce 1 kg of cotton. On the other hand, a huge quantity of the production goes into the waste when it is no longer required to be used by the people.

Since no toxins or other such components will be used in their manufacturing, our new range of regenerated towels is going to be absolutely nature-friendly.Moreover, they are free from chemicals, pollutants, and harsh dyes, you can use them on your skin without any issue. They do not tend to trigger immune reactions or allergies as no synthetic components are used in their manufacturing.

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