Why Us?

#We do not support slave labor. #We help sustain enterprises that supports artisan made, responsibly sourced authentic goods.   #Our business was founded in the historic village of Buldan. 


Our hand loomed towels are made by our artisans in their ancestral village and this is their livelihood. When you buy a turkish towel from us you will be supporting the livelihoods of these artisans. 




Our Ethics - Slave trade does not exist in the villages our artisans have lived in for generations. Our artisans are the masters of their home studios and are based in their historical village where they work from their ancestral homes, which was inherited from the generations before them. These houses will be passed down to their descendants who will no doubt continue in the previous generations footsteps. 



It is a family industry and provides our artisans with a comfortable lifestyle. They have been weaving for generations and their expertise is passed down to the next generation. They are the best at what they do and references to their ancestors creations can be traced in official records that date to the Ottoman Empire .


It is for this reason our drivers will continue their runs to deliver premium Turkish cotton to our master artisans high up in the hills of their ancestral villages.  We have been supporting this industrysince 1986.  It is not in our interest to change this status quo. 


Hand loomed - simply put, if a product is hand loomed – we will state it IS hand loomed and it will be the genuine artisan produced product.
To fulfill larger orders we offer a range of high quality factory produced towels. Our sweat shop free factory production is based in Denizli (The heart beat of Turkey's thriving textile industry). We are noticing more and more unsuspecting stockists offering cheap lower quality imitations that are often stocked as the genuine towel. Please don't be fooled.   Once you have seen a real pestemal you will see the difference between the genuine and a cheap imitation.
Product Range
Our stunning creations now include homewares, fashion and robes. Please email us at info(at) pestamal.com for more information.


She wears Kosem in Beige                                             He wears Sultan in Navy