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      With the best Turkish beach towel, you can enjoy the sea and the pool in a better way. These specially designed products have high absorbent properties thanks to their special fabrics and threads.

      In this respect, it makes it very easy to dry various surfaces, especially your body. Thus, you can enjoy the summer months better and enjoy the sea and the sand.

      These products, which are different from standard towels, have a thinner structure. Therefore, it does not burden you during transportation. On the other hand, since it is durable, it allows you to use it for many years and to clean it without any problems.

      Turkish beach towels vs regular towels have many advantages in this regard. Moreover, it is possible to buy the color and model you want, such as ordinary towels.

      What are the Pros of Turkish Beach Towels?

      When it comes to summer, everyone naturally thinks of the sea-sand-sun trio. But to be able to enjoy it, it is essential to be prepared. Otherwise, many mishaps may occur. The first of these is moisture.

      Normal towels do not dry quickly, as they do not allow you to dry in a short time. This creates big problems if you get wet again.

      Best Turkish beach towel offers you many advantages in this regard. Thanks to its thin structure and special fabric, it helps you dry in a short time. In addition, it can be used more than once during the day as it dries in a short time after leaving it in the sun.

      In addition, if you are looking for solutions that are just for you, personalized Turkish beach towels can also be produced on demand.

      What Features Do Turkish Beach Towels Have Compared to Ordinary Towels?

      Today, many people confuse Turkish beach towels with ordinary towels. Although their purpose the use is the same, they differ in terms of their structure and the material they are used in production. For Turkish beach towels vs regular, mainly differences can be given as follow;

      1. Sand: The sand that comes between normal towels makes people very busy. However, thanks to their special structure, Turkish beach towels remove all the sand with a small shake.

      2. Washing: Turkish towels can be washed practically. Moreover, the more you wash, the more water-absorbent and softer it will become. However, as it is known, normal towels wear out as washing increases.

      3. Drying: Normal towels have a long drying time. In addition, it remains moist when it is not exposed to the sun. Turkish beach towels can dry in 1-2 hours without any problems, even in your apartment.

      4. Absorbency: Special yarns and fabrics are used in Turkish beach towels. Therefore, their absorbency is higher.

      5. The area: Turkish beach towels have a minimalist feel. Therefore, it does not take up much space when carrying it with you.

      Thus, the question of why Turkish beach towels are better can be answered. All these advantages offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea or the pool better.

      Where Can Turkish Beach Towels Be Used?

      Best Turkish beach towel has a wide usage area. Normal towels are useless both for drying you and laying them on the sunbed. So you should often have two.

      However, Turkish beach towels are quite advantageous in this regard. Since they are produced especially, it is possible to dry your clothes immediately after getting out of the sea or pool. Since it dries in a short time, you can easily lay it on the sun lounger and rest on it.

      In addition, there is no limit in terms of the people who can use it. As is known, ordinary towels are too big for children. Therefore, many difficulties arise when using it alone. Buying a separate towel for them also means taking up space. Best Turkish beach towel offers you great advantages in this regard.

      Because it is thin, it is not heavy. In this respect, it can be used by everyone, regardless of height and weight. It is also possible to find Oversized Turkish beach towels. Since it is not heavy, children can also use it practically alone.

      Why Pestemal.com?

      If you want to enjoy the sea better, towels are one of the first items you should provide. Turkish beach towel offers you the best solutions in this regard. If you are looking for the best Turkish beach towel, Pestemal.com offers you the following pluses;

      1. If you have your brand, all production from A to Z is specially done by us.

      2. There can be special colors according to your request.

      3. Production can be made according to the dimensions you want.

      4. Production can be made according to the shapes you want.

      5. It can be produced with or without tassels.

      6. Products can be shipped pre-washed or unwashed.

      7. Special prints can be made upon request.

      8. Turkish beach towel bulk can be accepted if requested, such as 100 pieces.

      Thanks to all this, Pestemal.com helps you find solutions that are just for you. In addition, if you want to offer special Turkish beach towels to your customers, special designs can be made just for you.

      Personalized Turkish Beach Towels

      Nowadays, many people want the items they buy to be special only to them. For this reason, products that allow customization are more frequently searched. If you are looking for these possibilities in your towel, it is possible to find them, but it is quite expensive.

      If you want to use a more advantageous towel in the pool or at the sea and save space, the best Turkish beach towel offers you the best solutions. Moreover, if you wish, it is possible to customize it at an affordable price.

      For this, you only need to decide on the model you want and specify this when ordering. Then it is sent to you, processed in a special way only. Thus, Turkish beach towels are offered to you in a personalized way in a short time. Moreover, these processes do not adversely affect the quality of the product.

      Can Turkish Beach Towels Be Used by Pregnant Women?

      The biggest problem that pregnant women experience, especially in the summer months, is experienced in the appropriate size. It can be impossible to reach oversized sizes on normal towels.

      Moreover, normal towels may leave you in a state of discomfort as they are insufficient in flexibility. If you want to find a solution to this situation and enjoy the summer in a better way, Turkish beach towels offer you the best solutions.

      It is very easy to find oversized Turkish beach towels as they are produced specially. In addition, it is very successful in stretching with its special structure.

      What Materials Are Turkish Beach Towels Made Of?

      Best Turkish beach towels are made of 100 percent Turkish cotton. In addition, pestemal.com offers you different solutions. In this direction, it is also possible to try models with bamboo and viscose blends.

      The products have The Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate and are in the top segment of the market. Ne20/1 and Ne 20/2 carded cotton yarn is used as yarn.

      Turkish Beach Towel Usage Areas

      Although it is thought that normal towels can be used everywhere, it is not like this. Because it has a thick structure, it will cause you great problems when you enter a place such as a sauna. Once wet in pools and seas, it takes hours to dry. That's why it usually offers a one-time use only.

      However, the best Turkish beach towels are more advantageous in terms of regular usage areas. Thanks to its thin, flexible, and light structure, it helps you to move more comfortably in the sauna and to keep you cooler. Since it dries quickly, Turkish beach towels help you enjoy the sea or the pool longer.

      In addition to all these, if you are looking for something like a bathrobe that you can use while showering in a place such as a sea or the pool, Turkish beach towels come into play again.

      You can take a shower with it when you enter the pool, and leave the Turkish beach towel to dry while you enjoy the pool. You can find it dried out when you leave, and you can start to enjoy the sun this time by drying it.


      If you want to experience the sea-sand-sun trio better and move more comfortably in the sauna, a Turkish beach towel offers you the best solutions.

      When the Turkish beach towel review is examined, it is seen that it is both flexible and highly absorbent due to its special structure. For this reason, it facilitates movement and allows drying in a short time. The towel itself can also dry quickly.

      If you want special Turkish beach towel models, you can reach premium quality products through pestemal.com. You can create an order immediately by making choices according to your wishes.