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      Elmas Double Side Hand Towel kitchen towels peskirs
      Elmas Double Side Hand Towel kitchen towels peskirs
      Elmas Double Side Hand Towel

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      Hand Towel

      In our daily lives, we go through different tasks and occupations. Home, business, sports you call it- and what we need the most is our hands to fulfill these tasks. Whether we do not realize, they do wonders for us. So it is no surprise that hands can get dirty fast. On top of that, humans also touch their faces a lot and it gets so easy for bacteria to spread all around the face, mouth, and nose. Washing face and hands regular correctly is the only way to prevent this septic painting of chaos. It doesn’t end with washing only, you will need to use a hand towel complete your cleansing. Hand towels must be of good quality, absorb water fast and whilst doing all this not irritate your skin. There are lots of various custom hand towels for you in this site, you just need to browse and choose what fits for you.

      Towels For Your Health And Need

      Our hand towels are meticulously woven to protect your and your family’s skin health. Hand towels are silky smooth and absorb fast, while drying your skin perfectly they also appeal to the eye of the beholder and fit any bathroom with their elegant design. You may get lost while choosing between this vast catalogue so should better keep one or two things before buying one. First of all hand towels for bathroom are made from different materials, it makes them have different qualities. For instance bamboo towels are known for their high absorbancy rate, cotton towels for silky texture to be used especially in baby care. There are even velvet for people that can’t give up on its feeling. Size comes second after material, which has differents options for different occasions : generally 50x90 cm measure is the most common and practical for bathroom. That’s it. The rest is a choice of pleasure, you can have a hand towel with different patterns and colors on it.  After this last touch, you will be able to choose wisely what you need. But if you still are not sure and willing to chase perfection, let us introduce the most unique Turkish cotton hand towels that gave our brand its name: Pestemal.


      As we discussed earlier, Turkish cotton hand towels are known for their aesthetics. The most unique art of this style is Pestemal, a Turkish classic. Our brand Pestemal has the greatest looking and aesthetically pleasing pestemals for you to choose, but before that let’s look at the history behind these custom hand towels .  The name actually comes from Persian and it means back towel, or back cleaning. History in fact goes long way back to Ottoman Empire and the first known Pestemal hand towel was made in the 17th century in Bursa. It was originally meant to cover bathers private areas in Turkish Hammams, men using around their waist and woman up to armpits. Another interesting fact is that every pestemal holds its own signature,  shows in which region of Turkey it was woven. 

      Features Of Pestemal

      We know one thing for sure, Pestemal is far superior than any other. They are pure cotton, silky smooth and super light. It is easy to pack and fold, can dry super fast (no heat is required) and are highly absorbent, they essentially are best hand towels for bathroom and go to choice of not only Turkish people, various folks including celebrities all around the world. Pestemal’s difference comes from Turkish weaving style. The reason they are so thin and strong is because custom hand towels are woven flat. The same style can be seen in Turkish carpets, just as famous. This style makes them so special, durable and can be used for a very long time. Pestemal are made of premium cotton purely, in addition it can also be seen in bamboo. These organic hand towels are made of hand woven fibres longer than a terrycloth towel, reasoning with all of its advantages and resulting in even more durability. You need only one silky-smooth pestemal to last years for your comfort, no need to buy another terrycloth towel every other year. They are eco friendly as well, reason why is weaving process does not include any dyes or chemicals just hand made solely. Also when it comes to hygiene, turkish peshtemals are easiest to stay sterile for they dry fast and holds against bacteria. As much as it seems like this hand towel has a disadvantage in fluffiness, actually makes easier to clean and becomes moisture and smell resistant.

      As Pestemal reflects Turkish ancient history, it also doesn’t drag behind today’s world. They can be easily called modern hand towels. It is additionally utilized as an accessory, celebrities and people around the world wears it. As a scarf, headwear, even used as a wall decoration or a curtain. Usage of this magnificent piece of art is only limited by your imagination. All you have to do is buy it among all other kinds of hand towels in our category. Better buy our hand towels in bulk , because a person should not miss this opportunity.


      So far you have enough information about the importance of hand towel, how to choose it and the one special kind of it. Finally you need to know about how to clean. For our turkish cotton hand towels, you can use mild bleach appropriate to its color, chlorine free bleach especially. For Pestemal use no bleach or detergent, just warm water. You must wash your all towels every 3-5 days. Sometimes after a wash you may see a thread or two going out of its place, don’t worry and cut it gently.

      Our brand Pestemal serves high quality products for a reasonable price, selling hand towels wholesale also. We renew our products with various choices to please every customer aesthetically. With easy payment methods and fast shipping, browse our page freely using this comprehensive guide.