Yachting and Its Development

As its summer now, people who suffocate because of the hot weather go to summer places or they start to spend their day at yachts and boats. Today seas’ and oceans’ white swans yachts have two different types as yachts with sail and yachts with engine. Yachts, which were used by Netherlanders for the first time to bat around at water channels, emerged in the 16th century. At those times, they used to call boats that could go fast and had easy maneuver ability through the channels as yacht. Yachts, which were used as hunter ship at channels, lakes and seas in the 16th century, are luxurious boats which are used in sea voyages and generally they are used for trip and business. Firstly, England started to build that kind of boats in 1660. Then Yachts started to widespread all around the Europe particularly in France.

Yacht races, which were started in U.S. in 1851 for the first time, continue as to be organized in the years that yacht clubs decide. Yacht races brought about developments of boat and yacht forms. Notwithstanding, the sail surface of Ranger yacht, which was built in 1937 in U.S., was only about half of Reliance yacht, which was built in 1903 and in U.S. again, the yacht’s aerodynamic structure and the difference of sail’s shape it had ability to move hastier.

Yachting, which is a necessary activity for sea lovers, has become more popular in the recent years with the help of corporate companies’ support to yacht races. When workmates come together to show high performance in yacht races, they also display their various abilities that can contribute their developments in business life such as leadership characteristics, teamwork skills and communication skills. The competitive environment and the commitment between team members help duties to be done quickly and offer every competitor to reveal all his or her personal characteristics. And this way team culture is developed, the awareness of being a team provides a better communication and the management of performance. Team members know themselves better and they see how their behaviors affect the other members of team. Besides, team members have a good time. 

As yachts many people’s irreplaceable medium of transportation, they are also their summer house at the same time. In these summer houses, the thing that they use most commonly is their pestemals. As pestemal.com, with regard to the fact that pestemals are light and uncapacious, we added pestemal yacht clothes and shirts to these regular pestemals that you use when you get off from the sea or ocean. Lailaada and Cacala branded pestemals, which already became an irreplaceable item for Australia and U.S, started to be displayed in marine yacht clubs. 

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