What should be taken into account when ordering wholesale pestemal towels?

Pestemal towels come in several shapes, sizes, and design variants, and sometimes selecting an accurate fit for your needs or for the needs of your clients can prove to be quite tricky. It is however not rocket science. As the saying goes, knowledge is power and with the right knowledge about pestemal towels, comes the ability to place your wholesale order without any hassle or stress. What information is correct and what knowledge is valuable is a question you might ask. Well, read on to find out.

First Things First, Your Budget

While there’s practically just a little variation in the pricing structure for most collections of pestemal towels, when you’re ordering in bulk those seemingly insignificant cents can add up fast to something quite substantial. That said, as is with most other consumer products, you get what you pay for. The extra two or three dollars for the other Turkish towel is usually consequent of an accessory design or functional feature. The questions you should ask yourself are; is that feature worth the extra bucks (when you take into account your needs or that of your clients) or am I better off opting for a cheaper option without extras.

Towel Quality

The overall quality of a pestemal towel is a measure of several factors including but not limited to; its GSM levels, the weaving pattern, and material used. For our pestemal towels, we utilize premium Turkish cotton, the kind that’s highly absorbent and soothingly convenient for your skin. GSM is an abbreviation for grams per square meter. It is representative of the total number of cotton fibers contained in one square meter of a towel – the higher the value, the denser the pestemal towel. Ideally, you should be on the lookout for pestemal towels whose GSM values are no less than 500. But then again it all boils down to individual preferences.

Towel Size

From the very large to the conveniently small, pestemal towels comes in various sizes and for the most part your final selection before you place your wholesale order is dependent on your particular needs (Aside using them as beach towels, pestemal towels can also serve as tub mats, hand towels or conventional hanging bathroom towels). Overall the typical pestemal towel measures 40 x 70 inches. That’s about 13 inches wider and 18 inches longer than the average towel at 27 x 52 inches.

Do you need extra detailing?

There are beauty and sophistication in the minor details and with pestemal towels that special badge, label, or intricate pattern can be the perfect complement to an already exquisite looking towel. In addition to our signature stitches and finishes, we provide a slew of labeling and custom design services for clients who intend to take the luxury offered by pestemal towels to another level. Check out our numerous design options and see if any ticks your fancy (or the fancy of your clients).

With this information set, you’re now better positioned to make that informed peshtemal wholesale order. If you, however, have any further inquiries to make, feel free to send us a message, and we’ll be sure to respond in earnest.

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