What Makes a Turkish Towel Good and What Do You Consider Most?

Turkish towels have a wide usage area today. These are traditionally produced with 100 percent Turkish cotton and offered to you. Compared to regular bath towels, they have a completely different structure.

Today, many experts consider Turkish towels to be the pioneer of towel type. When these products are examined in terms of structure, it is seen that they are thin, light but super-absorbent. In terms of these features, it is still used in baths today.

The main feature that makes Turkish towels absorbent is the ultra-long fibers of the cotton used in its structure. Each fiber has a longer structure than normal cotton. For this reason, absorbency rates are also at higher levels.

Regular towels use a loop weave. This makes the towel harder but less absorbent. However, the best Turkish towel is not like that. Although it is thin, it has ultra-absorbency because plain weaves are preferred. These features also help them to become softer and more absorbent as they are used.

Therefore, when you maintain it correctly, it allows you to use it more efficiently for years without any problems.

Where Can Turkish Towels Be Used?

So, where can Turkish towels be used? The usage areas of these towels are quite wide. Because of its advantageous features, it is possible to benefit from areas such as;

  1. While traveling
  2. As a hair towel
  3. As a tablecloth
  4. For laying down at picnics and camps
  5. When you go to a traditional Turkish bath
  6. Turkish beach towel

In this respect, it offers you very useful and practical solutions. If you do not want to go everywhere with the same towel, you can choose various colors during choosing a Turkish towel, as there are different models. If you have a few of these in your home, you can use them practically anywhere.

What are the Features of Turkish Towels?

So, why should you choose Turkish towels? Compared to a regular towel, these models can be considered "useless" at first. Because their thin structure can seem quite deceiving at first.

However, the best Turkish cotton towel has more advanced features compared to a normal towel, as it is produced from quality materials. One of them is quality.

As it is known, a normal towel wears out over time and becomes almost unusable, depending on the frequency of use and washing. Therefore, you have no choice but to buy a new one after a certain time has passed. But Turkish towels are not like that.


It will become more flexible, high quality and absorbent as you wash it due to the features brought by the cotton it is used and the way of weaving. Therefore, it continues serving you by increasing its efficiency every year.

Suitable for Multiple Uses

The most important problem with normal towels is you need to buy more than one. For example, it is impossible to take a towel that you use in the bathroom to lay it on the beach or sunbed. Rather you need to get a different one for it.

Likewise, in order not to damage your hair, the towel you wrap around your head after bathing should be of a finer texture. All this means you will have lots of towels in your home.

But Turkish towels are not like that. Once you buy one of those, you can use it almost anywhere. It helps you dry your body in a short time due to its high water absorbency. Because of its fine structure, it does not damage your hair while drying.

You can also use it as a Turkish beach towel. If you do not want to carry more than one towel, you can buy one of these models and use it efficiently.

Sand Non-stick

The most important problem in beaches and picnics is that when you put the towel on the ground, the sand sticks to it. No matter how hard you shake it, it's impossible to get them all out. Therefore, it causes a great mess around.

However, a good Turkish towel prevents the sand from sticking with its superior properties. Therefore, even if you do not shake it after use, you do not have to worry the sand will come with you.

Can Fit Anywhere

One of the biggest problems with regular towels is their size. Because they have a very thick structure. So if you're going on a trip and need more than one towel, they'll take up most of the space.

Therefore, if you are going traveling by plane, it is almost certain that you will exceed the allowable baggage limit. Because towels take up a lot of space, you need to buy your other items in a new suitcase.

However, the best Turkish cotton towel is not like this. Because of its thin and light structure, it can fit comfortably in the suitcase. It can come anywhere without a problem as it will make you forget its existence. Therefore, it allows you to fit all your belongings in a single suitcase.

There Are Different Models

Turkish towels are produced in different colors and patterns today. Therefore, everyone can see the options that best suit their tastes. You can examine all of them and decide which ones are most suitable for you.


What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Turkish Towel?

So, what should be considered during choosing a Turkish towel? First of all, it should be remembered that you should make choices according to your tastes. If you look, you can find different colors and models without difficulty.

Apart from that, these products are manufactured in different sizes. Therefore, there are many models with different sizes on the market. It is recommended you examine all of them and choose accordingly how you will use them.

For example, if you prefer to dry your body or use it on the beach, you can choose larger ones while choosing a Turkish towel. These will also be very useful for you on picnics.

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