Wedding Ceremonies And The Pestemal

Wedding ceremonies are the ceremonies about which little girls dream as leading actor of a prom and which they look forward for the entire of their lives. It has different traditions and customs that change country to country, region to region. White wedding dress, bride cake, bouquet toss, tuxedo for groom, gifts reminding that special day from bride and groom presented to the wedding guests and etc. are some of the traditions accepted by almost all societies and countries.


Beach wedding ceremonies with Turkish towels

The thing that we call as tradition is the behaviors that we have done since old times, every community has its own traditions and as communities has started to get in touch with other communities increasingly, they adopt the other communities’ traditions as if they are their own traditions and even they develop them and thus centuries pass. For instance; the tradition of wedding ring worn by bride and groom in the weddings, which was applied by Egyptians for the first time, comes from Egyptian’s belief that as circle or hoop objects have no start or finish point, they represent eternity, it was also used by ancient Greeks. This tradition continued in Greeks as they believed that there is a love vein on the left hand that goes up to the heart and for this reason bride and groom should wear rings in left hand’s ring finger, so this tradition has reached up to today. The tradition of bride’s wearing white wedding dress showed up in the 16th century as Louis XII’s wife Anne wore white. Today’s wedding dresses’ first model was worn by the Queen Victoria for the first time. In 1600’s, massing lots of cakes and muffins was an indicator of wealth. When the King of England Charles II’s private chef made the first multi-storey cake, wedding cake tradition appeared.

In this century’s world in which communication between countries is that easy and fast with the help of globalization and internet effect, appearance of new traditions and developing of them is an inevitable fact for sure. In today’s world, besides traditions, another thing that appears as taking hold of the whole world and which reminds of itself in every event, every occasion is fashion ‘fashion’. While sometimes lifestyle of a celebrity becomes fashion, sometimes magazines and newspapers have people get into fashion movement with fashion shows of famous fashion designers.

As the subject is weddings, it is not surprising for all of us to see that fashion is also remain at the forefront. The wedding gossips spread abroad or the concepts made by celebrities, images, photographs and videos indicate a wedding fashion for most of the community. Beach weddings which are the choice of couples who want sea and sandy beach to witness their romantic love are the leading one of these fashion wedding concepts. The beach wedding fashion, which was started firstly in 1998 with the marriage of Cind Crawford and Rande Garber in Bahama islands with a beach wedding, continued with marriages of Megan Fox and Austin Green in Hawaii, Matt Damon and Luciana in 2013 in St. Lucia Island and about 15 months ago, marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with a beach wedding in Bahama Island.

As being, the number of beach wedding fashion followers of our customers all around the world is getting higher. As a wedding tradition, giving presents to the guests as wedding owners is the most important part of wedding concept. Being the designer and manufacturer of pestemal Turkish towel which is the most preferred present in the beach weddings, witnessing this special and happy day is one of the most honourer things for us. The heart shaped pestemal designed by designer team for that kind of special days has become irreplaceable present of beach weddings. The biggest wish of us to create a new tradition for all weddings over time and to see pestemal towels with Lailaada and Cacala designs, which is produced by us in the weddings all around the world…

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