Top Characteristics That Make Turkish Towel Special

Much has been said and written about Turkish towels – Pestemals and the exceptional quality they boast of. If you are contemplating on the idea to buy them for your home or for promotional purposes, this post can prove to be helpful for you in making the right decision.

Here are some of the characteristics that make Turkish towels extremely special and better than their counterparts i.e. Chinese, European, and Indian towels:

Use of Turkish Cotton

A prominent factor that sets Turkish towels apart from other types of towels available is the use of Turkish cotton. The quality of Turkish cotton is acknowledged globally and its use as a raw-material in Turkish towels makes them extra special. This unbeatable quality of Turkish cotton Turkish towels a unique touch, which no other type of towel boasts of.

Authentic and Traditional

Apart from their quality, Turkish towels are also known for their authenticity. These towels feature hand-made tassels. Hence, they are considered to be more authentic and tradition as compared to other types of towels available and used all over the globe.

A Luxurious Feel

The luxurious feel provided by Turkish towel is definitely unmatchable. The use of premium quality materials in their manufacturing and unique production techniques helps them to give this luxurious feel. Furthermore, Turkish towels are soft and fluffy. This is another quality that sets that gives them an edge over types of towels.


While other types of towels start losing their shine and touch after a certain period of time. Their quality tends to deteriorate and they rather start to give a rough feel instead of a luxurious one. Same is not the case with Turkish towels. They are known to last for a longer period of time without losing their sheen and quality. Furthermore, the luxurious feel they offer also remains with them until their lifetime.

Enhanced Convenience and Comfort

Turkish towels have numerous qualities. However, among them, the most prominent one is the enhanced convenience and comfort they offer. These towels feature quick-drying quality; hence, you will not have to go through extensive drying hassles. In addition to that, they can be packed easily. Thus, you can easily carry them wherever you are going to enjoy their fluffy and luxurious touch. Furthermore, the luxurious and comforting feel their offer also makes them perfect to be used.

Ideal for Promotional Purposes

If you are looking for captivating ways to market your brand’s name, Turkish towels can prove to be ideal branding products. There are numerous companies that offer private labeling companies on these towels. You can use these towels with private labels i.e. by getting your brand’s logo imprinted or custom name printing on them and use them for promotional purposes.
For using Turkish towels as a branding tool, you can have a look at a range of private labeling services we offer at flexible rates.

Why Turkish Towels from

Different companies offer a range of Turkish towels; however, none can beat the quality offered by Have a look at some of the factors that make us the best Turkish towel sellers in the US:

Made in Turkey

The Turkish towels we offer are made in Turkey. We have a production unit in Buldan – Denizli. Denizli is a town in Turkey that is known globally for its textile industry. Most of the products we offer including Full Caffa, Hippi, Petektas, Diamond, Avanos, Attuta, Bamboo, Sultan etc. are manufactured in Buldan -Denizli using an old-fashioned, traditional machine known as “Kara Tezgah (Black Loom)”. Despite being an old-fashioned machine, it delivers premium quality products. Although it is slower than modern machines yet it is operated and used widely because of the features it boasts of.

Premium Quality Towels

Our Turkish products are certified by The Standard 100 OEKO-TEX. This serves as testimony to the premium quality products we offer. The Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certificate is given to products meet certain criteria. It includes that the products must follow all requirements related to the use of certain chemicals and toxins. Furthermore, these products must meet the requirements as laid by the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for the use of lead. The Standard 100 OEKO-TEX also takes account of the use of environmentally relevant substance classes for certifying a product.

In addition to that, our products go through comprehensive quality control and quality check phases. This ensures we offer our valued customers nothing but the best quality products that can serve them for a long period of time.

Economical Rates

No other company in the US offers best quality Turkish towels and other range of products made from premium Turkish cotton at the rates as low as ours. You can enjoy huge discounts on our products if you are placing a bulk order. With the increased number of products, the discount rate also increases.

To Sum Up

These are some of the factors that make Turkish towels undoubtedly the best type of towels available anywhere in the world and to get these towels, you have to go nowhere but to visit We offer a wide range of top-quality products made from the highest-grade material at the most economical rates.

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