The flowers are telling!

The flowers; silent witnesses of your life… Sometimes they mention the happiest emotions of you and sometimes they mention your sorrow… The language of flowers was started to be formed in the 17th century in İstanbul for the first time. The meaning of these flowers brought together by British Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who used to live in İstanbul in 1716 with her husband, was taken to England and this way the flowers became the narrator of our feelings. In a period, while it was hard for people to express their feelings and while it was seen as a taboo, each flower was given a different meaning… While red rose only tells your love and passion, yellow tulip symbolized a desperate lover…

 The Flower Children (hipsters) appeared in late 1960’s and they initiated a new movement… The flowers and flower patterned clothes and accessories that became fashion with them turned into a symbol of freedom and peace. The flowers gained a new meaning with people having floral clothes, flower symbols and children handing out flowers. And this way, they took a place in fashion history as an irreplaceable motive for fashion.

 The floral clothes, which became fashion in 1960’s, came back with their peace and freedom meanings, when the world need these meanings most today. The flower patterned clothes designed by successful and famous fashioners all around the world, continue to spread positive vibrations to universe as an irreplaceable part of fashion shows since the last year.

 We wouldn’t resist this meaningful fashion movement and we designed flower patterned clothes, shirts and round towels with pestemal fabric in our style. We have no doubt that our pestemals, which draw interest very well in Australia and America continents, will be the best decorations of beaches all around the world this summer.



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