Relax..You’re here Ftlauderdale by the sea beach and wear your pestemal beach dress!

If you are looking for the paradise on earth, while Florida’s Ftlauderde city and especially the amazing Coral Key Inn Hotel over there proves that there is such a thing on the earth, it also tells you that your dreams are not only about imagination, there is an address for your dreams through the gorgeous palm trees. While the nature fills your soul with peace, it warms your body with the tropical climate’s sun and it feeds your rebirth with ocean’s minerals.
The name of the city which is located about 28 miles north from Miami comes from the last name of William Laurderdale who was the commander of castle built during II. Seminole War between 1835 and 1842. The city which was founded in 1895 and worked in the area of seamanship and developed as housing zone was used to be demonstrated as Venice of US.
I spent the first week of November as’s blogger in this paradise. My vacation started with the warm welcome of Turkish Hotelkeeper of Coral Key Inn Miss Zuhal. As hotelkeeper is cheerful, chatty and friendly and her good energy feels all around the hotel. The personnel who love their jobs, clean rooms and beds should be the most important reason why the hotel’s guests keep going to this hotel for years…
As you can sunbathe by the pool in through the day and swim, you can also go down to the beach and swim in an ocean! If you come from somewhere in Europe or Asia and if you suffer from jetlag, probably you will go to sleep at an early time involuntarily, so we recommend you not to miss sunrise at the beach. Don’t forget to wear your pestemal dress and take your round Turkish towel with you. It is not possible to not to switch a different dimension through pink, blue, orange and purple colors that sky turns into while you are enjoying yourself on the round towel that you lay on the sand.
I cannot pass without saying that except for its nature, the thing that makes Ftlauderdale a paradise is positive energy of people. Everyone is so happy around here, it is not surprising that they say hi or how are you that they come across at the street even if they don’t know each other. I really don’t know how many people asked me where I bought my dress when I was walking with my pestemal dress at the beach… Robbery is very very rare. I always believe in that “the energy of a place or a city effects the energy of people who live in there”, this place has showed me how right I am on saying that…
So, what to see around there and where we can have fun in Ftlauderdale? If you say that you don’t want to move fay away from the place where excellent hotel Coral Key Inn is, Aruba Beach is a great choice for you. After a dinner harmonized with delicious meals, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it becomes an amazing dance floor with live music that you will love. A fisher sculpture welcomes you at the entrance of Aruba Beach Bar where there are lots of restaurants all together. Across its other gate “Relax…You’re here Ftlauderdale by the sea beach” is written. Ft Lauderdale is a city in which mostly local people live and righteously the people of the city do not want their city to lose its ​authenticity. For this reason, it is safe and peaceful. The city which is mostly visited by German tourists has a quality tourist mass who are looking for happiness and entertainment together rather than being noisy and offending.
If you want to spend a night which is more vivacious and a more crowded beach, you should absolutely visit Las Olas Boulevard. The boulevard of which day and night have different types of joy is especially preferred by young people. Yolo restaurant is one of the best restaurants that I can recommend you to go.
Hollywood city Seminole Hard Rock Hotel&Casino which is neighbor to Ftlauderdale is one of the most beautiful entertainment venue. You see that guitars, costumes and belongings of many celebrities and Rock groups such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Linkin Park, Sting, John Lennon and Prince are hung on the wall. You can listen to rock music at Hard Rock Café and then you can go down to Murphy Law Bar to amuse yourself.
If you like to have a dinner at a beauty spot and elite restaurant, you should absolutely go to Kaluz restaurant. The restaurant which presents very delicious meals and which is located at the marina offers you a fascinating landscape between palms and Atlantic Ocean.

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