Pestemals vs Terry Towels

If you are not fortunate enough to be  living in a lovely tropical climate then you will definitely be feeling that summer you have been waiting for all year round coming closer and closer!

I don’t know about you but the people around me and I already started preparing ourselves for summer as soon as the calendar hit April! First of all, obviously all of the gyms started filling up, everyone started going on all sorts of detoxes and diets and all of the fashion magazines-which hardly got touched in winter- started selling out as people were in a desperate need to find all of the summer trends of the year. I am going to be giving all of the new styles and trends of the summer in a much more detailed blog which will be coming soon, but before that I’d like to mention that whilst I was looking through some fashion magazine I just happened to pick up the other day, something really caught my attention. Pestemals are this summers fashion, again?! With pestemals  now being very much in fashion for the past few years, towels are now 1-0 behind, with their reputation being trampled on. However, what is it that made pestemals end up taking the throne of the towels?

Furthermore, what is the reason for one of the most important things in the Ottoman culture, to be so important now?

First of all I have to say this; if you are one of those people that walk to the beach in the excruciating heat of the summer then you would know how hard it is to carry a thick towel with you along the way. If you carry it around your neck, leave it five minutes and you will be drenched in sweat, if you put it in your beach bag the inside is full of pretty much everything- sunglasses, sun cream, a book or two, a spare bikini and probably a spare towel as well. So before you know it, it’s full! So we can cross that option off the list. On the other hand, pestemals are not only thin and light, but also very handy to carry as they can fold up very easily, so much that you could probably fit at least 3 in your bag- one for you and two for the kids!

Also, it’s not just about how it’s easier for the beach, it comes in handy for the holiday destinations where we pretty much all go to by plane, where luggage is a massive problem. Isn’t it just so annoying when your beach towels end up filling half of your suitcase, which prevents you from packing your nicest dress, or favourite pair of shoes.

Secondly, I’m not sure about you but as soon as I come out of the sea there’s nothing I hate more than the feeling of being damp, or even worse, laying on a damp towel. Plus, if the weather isn’t extremely hot then there’s pretty much no chance of loosing the dampness from the towel, it won’t dry for hours. If you live in a tropical destination then you will definitely know about the rain that suddenly comes as if half of the earths water had accumulated and suddenly tipped over our heads, which is then very shortly followed by the remainder of the rain close to stopping, giving way to the warm sun, as if it had never rained. Even though the heat coming from the sun is enough to make a strong man weep, it will hardly ever be enough to dry your soaking towel.

Last year in Miami, South Beach, as I left my possessions to have lunch in a nearby restaurant, the weather was lovely and hot, as expected. As my friend and I were chatting away eating our lunch we realized that it had suddenly started raining, and unfortunately it was no normal rain, it was tropical climate rain! Obviously we weren’t able to leave the restaurant for a while, we had to wait for the rain to settle down before we could even think about rescuing our belongings from the beach.

Anyway, when the rain stopped and we went to get our possessions, we didn’t like what we saw. As you can guess, everything was absolutely drenched. That day, after seeing my friends drenched towel  the hopelessness she was in, and the way it just did not dry in the sunshine despite the fact that the sun came out straight after it stopped raining, undoubtedly with the same excruciating heat, I felt so thankful that I had a pestemal instead of a terry towel. The reason behind this is that as soon as I squeezed the water it had absorbed, out of the pestemal, it dried in just 15 minutes and just so ended up saving both mine and my friends day. Last of all; not many things can help you stand out or show off your style whilst your on the beach, I know. In fact the only thing that can remotely describe your style in the slightest is either your swimming costume or towel you chose to bring that day.

However, whilst women are definitely luckier when it comes to things you can wear to the beach-beach dresses, hundreds of different styles of bikinis and swimming costumes- men can actually put  their style out there with the easiest thing possible, a pestemal. Anyway, as towels are now extremely out of fashion, and very hard-if not impossible-to find a remotely stylish one, it is even easier to find a very handy, very stylish and definitely fashionable pestemal. We are more than sure that you can find a perfect pestemal suited for you from the brands Lailaada and Cacala as our team strictly follows all the new trends and has an eye for fashion. As well as this they always include a bit of their own creativity and ideas whilst making the final product just to make the most amazing designs. But of course there aren’t just towels! In this sector they first started off by designing beach clothing with a patented design, which then went on to towels and bags which eventually led to dresses.

As a Turkish manufacturer we can also say that it is possible to produce any special patterns on pestemals/towels and dresses. It is also possible to produce and special style of pestemals/ towels and dresses. However, it is not possible to do either of these of normal towels as the material they are made from is too thick, and the pattern would not be visible. To sum up, if you are someone that wants to look good no matter where they go, but also loves their comfort, you should definitely go for the grand pestemal, which we can’t forget brought the towel off the throne. When you hear about round pestemal towels, tie-die towels, stylish pestemal beach dresses, heart-shaped pestemal towels the first brands that jump to mind are Lailaada and Cacala. We can guarantee these are going to make you the most stylish on the beach this summer. Don’t miss out, you know where to go!

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