Pestemal Bomb

Don’t you feel energetic recently? Do you suffer from vitamin deficiency or do you need vitamin supply before you go to the gym? I’ll tell you about a beverage which is both delicious and a good source of vitamin. We, as design team, really like to drink this beverage while we’re designing various products such as round towel, pestemal beach dress and pestemal bags. We named it as “pestemal bomb” with my friends around here.
The pestemal bomb which will give you energy through the day contains protein, omega 3, fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, B and E vitamins.
So what is the recipe for this beverage? What are the ingredients that you we need to mix with blender to get 2 glasses of banana paradise?
1 Banana
4 Seedless date palms
7 Cashew nuts
A pinch of cinnamon
Half tea spoon Himalaya’s salt
A desert spoon cacao

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