Our Trendy Turkish Beach Towels

Turkish beach towels are practical models that you can use in the sea and the pool. It is produced from 100 percent Turkish cotton and has a quality structure.

These models are produced to suit all tastes. Therefore, if you examine all our options, you can easily find the most suitable ones for you and place your orders without any difficulty.

We have both light and dark coloured models and they also differ in terms of patterns. Our rich category offers options for everyone's taste. In this regard, it is possible to use the 2022 fashion Turkish towel – pestemal models both in a quality and aesthetic way.

You can review all our options as we combine them with affordable prices. If you wish, you can also buy wholesale with more advantageous prices.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Turkish Beach Towels?

Turkish beach towels generally have large dimensions. However, it still has different options. If you want a very large beach towel, it is possible to choose 100 X 180 cm wide ones.

If you want to examine the slightly smaller ones, you can also take a look at the 95 X 180 or 90 X 180 ones. If you examine the options other than these, you can discover the ones that suit you best without any difficulty.

Whoever is going to use it is recommended to consider its size. So you can use a Turkish beach towel more efficiently.

Turkish Beach Towel Models

Turkish beach towel models have a very wide structure. Since the tastes of each person change, aesthetic expectations from towels may vary.

For this reason, the best Turkish cotton towels are quite different as options. If you like light colors, you can choose calming colors such as blue and green. If you are looking for more vibrant models, you can choose options such as yellow, red or purple.

If you have a colorful style, you can also examine the colorful options. You can look at all of them and decide which one is most suitable for you. Whichever you prefer, you can use it for a long time without worrying about its quality.

You can easily find the best Turkish towel products in the exact models you want. Since all our models are produced in accordance with the fashion of each year, you can use them comfortably.

Turkish Beach Towel Custom Models

If you are going to buy Turkish beach towels and are not interested in standard models, you can also take a look at the custom options. In this context, you can take advantage of the following options;

  1. You can choose the colors you want.
  2. You can make the pattern and shape decisions.
  3. You can decide the size.
  4. You can request private labeling.
  5. You can also place small orders such as 100 pieces.
  6. You can print or embroider logo designs on them.
  7. You can request washing labels to be attached.

Thus, it gives great advantages to those who want to buy Turkish beach towels wholesale. If you want a model according to your wishes, you just need to contact and provide the necessary information. Small and bulk quantities and worldwide drop shipping are possible.

What Are the Features of Turkish Beach Towels?

Everyone wants the towels they use in the sea or pool to make themselves comfortable and be able to use them efficiently. Turkish beach towels help you with the features they have.

These specially woven Turkish beach towels are more absorbent than regular towels. It also becomes softer and more absorbent as you wash it. For this reason, it becomes even better quality with every wash. Thus, it helps you to dry better.

On the other hand, since it has a thin structure, it allows you to pack it easily. It offers you great convenience as it does not take up extra space in your bag. Because of its thinness, it is also very easy to dry.

If you leave it in the sun after using it at sea, you can see that it dries up and becomes ready for use in a short time. Even at home, you can dry it in as little as 1-2 hours.

Besides all this, the best Turkish cotton towels offer the best options in the sand. If you lay it on the beach, you can easily see that the sand does not stick like terry towels. Therefore, you can continue to use it efficiently.

Who Can Use a Turkish Beach Towel?

The advantageous features of Turkish beach towels will serve you in the best way. There are no specific age/gender restrictions to use them. Therefore, it is possible to choose with peace of mind.

They can be used nicely by any age group as they are quite large. In addition, because they are very large models, pregnant women can also prefer them without any problems.

What are the Advantages of Turkish Beach Towels?

Best Turkish cotton towel has a breathable character. Therefore, when you wrap it around, it does not cut off your skin's connection with the air. Thus it keeps you in advantageous use. It absorbs moisture, allowing you to stay cooler in summer.

Since it is made of a healthy type of fabric, it does not irritate your body. Therefore, it is also suitable for people who have sensitive skin. Since it has a high stretching feature, it can be used for many years without any problems and in a beautiful way.

Fashion Turkish beach towels have a great structure. However, it is both light and comfortable to wear. Therefore, it does not cause you any difficulties during use. With all these features, Turkish beach towels are products which you can use comfortably at the beach, pool, sea and sauna.

If you examine our different models, you can easily find the most suitable ones for you, and can decide on the most beautiful ones. Then, you can order wherever your address is. Thus, you can immediately get the Turkish beach towel models that you can use for many years.

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