5 Benefits of Towels Made from Recycled Cotton Yarns

It is a no hidden fact that the world’s natural resources are diminishing at a fast pace, overpopulation and pollution being the major causes. This decline in the natural resources is an alarming sign and calls for viable actions to be taken to conserve them.

Numerous products we buy on a routine basis, but the sad part is that not many of us pay heed to their manufacturing components. Manufacturing companies use synthetic and toxic components in making different products. The use of these components in the manufacturing process is not only harmful on a personal level but is adversely affecting the environmental level.

At Pestemal.com, we are playing our part in order to conserve the natural resources by producing eco-friendly products. All the products we offer do not contain toxic elements; hence, pose no threat to the environment. However, keeping in consideration the decline in natural resources, we are coming up with a line of product. It is a quality towel that will be made from recycled cotton yarns. This environmentally friendly product offers numerous benefits not only to the environment but on the individual level as well.

Why the Use of Recycled Cotton Yarn?

A huge quantity of common goes into the waste when it is no longer required to be used by the people. It generally comes from textile leftovers and used garments. The means by which it is disposed of also pose adverse effects to the environment. Using recycled yarn in the manufacturing of towels will allow use to control this unneeded wastage. It will prove to be a nature-friendly way of using cotton rather than disposing of it.

At Pestemal.com, this recycled cotton is converted into new yarns and fabrics are developed from it. We have state of the art machinery and highly competent professionals who are at the helm of manufacturing premium quality towels from recycled yarn.

Benefits of Towels Made from Recycled Cotton Yarns

Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of using towels made from recycled cotton yarns.

1. Affordable

Buying high-quality towels can prove to be costly for some but the same will not the case with our latest range of towels made from recycled yarn. You can enjoy the fluffiness and softness of quality towels without burying a hole in your pockets since this environmentally friendly product we are going to launch will be offered at reasonable rates. As recycled colored textile and yarn remnants will be used for the manufacturing of towels, the production cost will be lower. This will enable us to set the price of the towels at a lower level; hence, they will be affordable for everyone.

2. Nature-Friendly

Since no toxins or other such components will be used in their manufacturing, our new range of regenerated towels is going to be absolutely nature-friendly. Furthermore, the use of recycled yarn is further going to make nature-friendly as it will help to preserve the diminishing natural resources, which is one of the major concerns world is facing presently.

On the personal level, there are numerous benefits associated with using nature-friendly towels. They are gentle on the skin just like they are gentle on the environment and there is no case of rashes. Moreover, they are free from chemicals, pollutants, and harsh dyes, you can use them on your skin without any issue.

Nature-friendly regenerated towels are also suitable for sensitive skin types. They do not tend to trigger immune reactions or allergies as no synthetic components are used in their manufacturing.

3. Offers All the Benefits of Premium Quality Towels

The use of premium quality towels offers plenty of benefits to the users. These exceptional benefits can be enjoyed by buying our regenerated towels. Due to their composition and inclusion of no toxins, they will offer all the benefits that are associated with the use of premium quality towels.

4. No Hassles of Disposal

Records suggest that more than 80 pounds of used clothes are thrown away in the US. A major chunk of this weight is clothes made from cotton. It is a hassle to dispose of the cotton once it is used as it can lead to more environmental problems. This cotton can be used in a number of ways so that hassles of its disposal can be eliminated. At Pestemal.com, we have taken care of this issue as the recycled cotton yarns will be used in the manufacturing of our new towels line. Our professionally trained experts have come up with an effective way to use recycled cotton yarns and turn them into quality towels.

5. Durable

Many people are of the view that products made from recycled components do not tend to have a longer shelf life. However, this is not true in the case of our regenerated towels. They can last for a longer period of time as only quality ingredients are slated to be used in their manufacturing. This will make more cost-efficient as you won’t have to buy a new towel every now and then. Although they may not have the same durability as that of organic cotton towels; however, it is guaranteed that they will not lose their sheen and look after a short period of time.

Why Pestemal.com?

Pestemal.com is a name to rely on high-quality towels with unmatched fluffiness and softness. We use natural materials in the manufacturing of towels and other products we offer; thus, you can expect nothing but the best quality products from us. Our products can also be used for marketing and branding purposes.

You can buy our regenerated towels and use them for the branding purpose of your brand. This will not only help in conserving the natural resources will spread a positive word of mouth for your brand. You will be able to make a positive impact in the society while using a cost-efficient way of marketing and branding your company.

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