Be Part of the Summer Trend with Pestemal Towels

Be part of the summer trend with Pestemal towels 

       Nothing says summer like these organic Turkish towels. Get ready for the beach this summer with a one of a kind pestemal towel. Pestemal striped beach towel- it’s a must-have for your beach bag this summer! So, if you are planning a summer getaway with your family and friends its time to get those beach towels. If you are wondering and asking yourself, what is wrong with a towel from Walmart or Target for $20? Nothing at all but you may change your mind once you get a hold of a pestemal towel.

So what makes them so unique?

       To Start, Pestemal towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton. This is a premium cotton which makes them extra soft. This type of cotton holds extra-long fibers which means fewer joins and makes these towels stronger and softer cotton threads. Due to the unique material that pestemal towels hold they are known to become fluffier and softer and even more absorbent with every wash. As far as style goes, Turkish beach towels beat the traditional beach towel without a doubt. The colors and designs that pestemal cotton towels hold make them more attractive and appealing to the eye than the standard beach and bath towels that you see in your local stores. These towels usually include pastel colors rather than bright and fluorescent tones as well as simple yet modern patterns such as triangles and stripes. Though you may think these are minor alterations, they actually have a greater impact in making your pool area much more elegant and stylish. As the pestemal towel designs are colorful and the textures are appealing they will compliment your outdoor area. Throw them over a long chair, roll them up, display them in an artsy container by the pool or you can even use them as a tablecloth.

       Pestemal towels are not only stylish, elegant, and soft they are also convenient. These towels are generally larger than your traditional beach towel but what also makes them rare is the thin material that allows you to fold into a smaller and more compact size to tuck away neatly in your purse or beach bag to take with you on the road. Turkish beach towels outshine the competition by far and are the best towel for water adventures during the summer. Besides being the best to have with you on the beach, Turkish towels have various uses. Due to its lightweight material, pestemal towels are very attractive and versatile enough to be used as a blanket, wrap, or drapery. There also make great accessories to take with you on outdoor activities like festivals, parks, and hikes.

Turkish towels can be used in different ways such as:

  • Baby Blanket They are big and long enough to allow you to swaddle your little one in one of these Turkish towels.

  • Bath Towels- Unlike the standard terry cloth towel, Pestemal towels allow you to wrap up your hair and will absorb the water much faster. What’s even better they won’t fall off your head. In fact, there are so light that you might forget you are wearing it.

  • Camping and Hiking The perfect accessory as it’s easy to roll and pack for a trip. Also, because they dry fairly quick you won’t have to worry about dragging a heavy and smelly towel.

  • Picnic Table Cloth Spontaneous spur of the moment picnics will look amazing when you break out one of these Pestemal towels and use it as your tablecloth or picnic blanket.

  • Pillow That’s right! Rolling up one of these amazing Turkish towels makes the perfect pillow on a plane.

  • Sarong If don’t like taking much to head to the beach, instead of throwing on a bathing suit you can use your towel as a cover-up for a day out on the beach without the clutter.

  • Head Wrap and Scarf If you plan to travel there’s a chance you might get cold. With a Turkish towel, you can wear it as a scarf and use it as a blanket when you’re feeling chilly.

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