Aloha Yoga ! Aloha Pestemal !

In recent years, there is a common yoga trend in Australia and America. It started to be a lifestyle for people. What did these people make feel the need of satisfying their soul rather than their bodies and egos to be happy?

Some occasions that we come across, may seem like a bummer. But actually, they would take us to the point that we desire, but we’ll understand it after a long time… Now, the story that I’m going to tell you just supports the things that I’ve just said. I went to a holiday to one of my friends in Honolulu and I met Mark over there. Even if I was in a paradise where you can see the amazing combination of blue and green by the Pacific Ocean, I had some sleep problems because of 13-hours time difference. I couldn’t get adapted to island and I used to wake up at 4 am with Honolulu time and it was possible to go back to sleep again. After several nights, I understood that it’s nonsense to keep trying go back to sleep in the bed and I went out to watch the sunrise. I thought I would be alone but the moment that I stepped in the beach, the thing that I saw made me really surprised. A group of people were practicing yoga in the lead of a trainer. For a while I watched them and then I went to their trainer Mark. I said Aloha Yoga and broached the subject… I told him that I came from Turkey, I’m interested in yoga’s philosophy but couldn’t have opportunity to start practice it. I told him that I was going to stay for a month and asked him if it’s possible if I join them too. Mark, who is very friendly and positive, told me that they’d be very glad if I join them. So, this is how I started to take yoga lessons. In my ‘Happy People with Yoga’ group, a found a friend called Selena, she was 28 years old. She told me that she came to Turkey with Erasmus student exchange program and witnessed Turkish people’s hospitality. We became good friends over there. It was my third day in Honolulu and I already had a group of friends through my yoga group... Each of friends from yoga class, which I attended for a month, had a different story. I think each person is a different story themselves… But the most interesting one came from our yogi Mark. Mark is a thin, short man. He was around 45 and he was an American whose family came from France. Until the times of Mortgage crisis in 2007, he had been living a happy life with his family in New Jersey. When the crisis blew out, he both lost his job when the bank broke and he was homeless now.        Compulsorily, they had to rent a small flat around Harlem. To meet the expenses, he and his wife worked as wait staff in a restaurant. They worked together till the time when his wife died in a traffic accident seven months later… After those bad things happened to Mark, he read a book which he came across by coincidence. The book was one of Yogi Bhajan’s books. He read it and then he started to chase up some way to set his soul free. Finally, he found himself in India. There, he spent his years on yoga and meditation. And like Yoga Bhajan, who led him to start practicing yoga, he wanted to become skilled on kundalini yoga and he chose Honolulu for it.  Let me tell you the saying of Yoga Bhajan; ‘If you want to know something; read it, if you want to understand something; examine it. If you want to become skilled on a field, teach it.’ Mark, who works as a trainer in a yoga center here, says that yoga became very popular recently because according to him, people become real happy when they set their souls free, get rid of their arrogance and when then understand that material things and people started to lose their interest in dissatisfaction in earthbound stuff and they started to face spirituality.

Like what Yogi Bhajan says: ‘Love yourself. Love your life and leave the past behind. The pains of the past will only give you pain. You don’t have to harm yourself.’ Even Mark’s story was sad at first, he started a new a life where he held on to life and thought it wasn’t end of the world. I guess, it’s the reason why people care yoga too much. Humanity release that the actual satisfy start in spirituality, event they get an endless material power and think they’re happy, now they know that the actual happiness starts with spirit’s happiness. According to yoga philosophy; the happiness of spirit comes from self-love. Yoga happens with loving yourself without all material things, loving your spirit and nourishing the soul. And if a person loves herself or himself, he or she becomes free and then has opportunity to love other souls. The power of yoga and meditation comes from there.

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