5 Reasons Why Pestemals Should Be Your Fashion Choice


They say fashion is ephemeral but the style is permanent. We say: Why don’t you have both in one? You can define your style and still remain relevant in the fashion world. It is all a matter of the choices that you make.

Pestemals offer you the opportunity to combine comfort with fashion. Many people want to stay in vogue. They want to flow with the trends in the fashion world. This is very good. The problem usually comes when you have to sacrifice comfort and functionality at the altar of fashion. Pestemal products make sure that does not happen. You can have it all with us.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the reasons why we are the best fashion choice you can make. Talking about your towels, beach bags, bathrobes, shirts, kids robe and poncho, beach dress, and other relaxation outfits you can imagine. It is important that you live up to your style and fashion expectations. We make that effortlessly possible. You can stay fashionable in your bedroom and at the beaches and resorts without stress.

  1. Freedom from the weight of thick towels. Summer is around the corner. You want to go to the beach and have some fun. Suddenly, it hits you that you cannot carry everything you need because your traditional towel has taken all the space. Also, you get to the beach and find that you cannot easily move around with your towel. It is just too burdensome. Pestemals deliver you from all these troubles. Pestemals are light and easily folded. They can do everything your conventional towel would do. And here’s the catch. They are stylish. Beyond the necessity, you can look really good with your Pestemal. Are you flying to some special destination for the holiday? Pestemals can save you a lot of luggage space so that you can carry other items you’d need.
  2. The speed of drying. While conventional towels can take forever to dry, Pestemals dry up real fast. The fabric they are made of makes them unique. They dry your wet skin effectively and can be easily dried up themselves. You do not have to carry a damp towel about in your bag. Pestemals lose their moisture content easily.
  3. Style. Pestemal products come in different styles that make you stand out. Beach dresses, bags and towels are designed with a lot of creativity poured into them. It is impossible for you to look ordinary in a Pestemal product. Whether you have a Pestemal shirt on or you are carrying a Pestemal beach bag, you will surely look classy. This is because Pestemals have the ability to produce virtually any design you can conceive. Coming out of Turkey, we pride ourselves on the fact that no design is beyond our reach. Think it. Pestemals will make it happen. Just for you. Our designers also stay updated with current trends so that they make designs that are both stylish and fashionable. If you have a specific brand to you want to make, Pestemal designers can bring it to life. Your attire can be used to advertise your personal and business brand. If you want, it can be patented so that your ideas remain yours.
  4. Quality control. To ensure that what you get as a customer is a Pestemal and not a parody, we go to great lengths to keep the manufacturing in the hands of the experts. Don’t be surprised that these Pestemals come from Turkish villages. We have taken great care to go and meet them in their comfort zones even though this comes at a greater production cost for us. We consider it a small price to pay as long as the quality is assured. As far as we know, no one does it better than these Turkish masters. A lot can go wrong between production and delivery. To prevent this, we have a foolproof system in place to check that the quality is maintained. From the creation in Turkish villages to the careful storage in our warehouse before shipping, we ensure that what our customers get in the end delivers on the promise we made.
  5. Social responsibility. Pestemal is known for promotion of local businesses. We do our best to encourage indigenous products. Our towels are manufactured with the help of local craftsmen in Turkey who are the best in the trade. Since we do not want to displace them from their homes, we take our machines to them. This brings about a win-win situation. They are happy and in turn we can provide Pestemal products of the best quality. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Pestemals goes to child education. For children who have financial trouble going to school, we do our best to help them get educated. Each time you purchase a Pestemal product, you are helping to make this possible. We also find that retaining the Turkish craftsmen for the production of Pestemals enables they sustain their families. Their children can attend good schools because their parents can now afford it. The high demand for Pestemals automatically increases its production volume, putting more money in the pockets of the manufacturers.

There is something for everyone at Pestemals. Kids, ladies, and gentlemen. Check out our collection on our website Pestemal.com to see beautiful and functional products that you can buy. Enjoy yourself.

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