2 P: Pilates&Pestemal

Today I will tell you about pilates that people o all ages are able to do, that helps you to relax both physically and psychologically, enables you to build muscles and to have a tight-body appearance, and that is preferred by the artists and dancers for these reasons, which is the most popular single sport of the 21st century.

When we look at many discoveries and invents made in past, we see that they appeared as a conclusion of people’s needs. For example mother of Graham Bell who invented phone was inborn deaf and he actually intended to invent devices that help deaf people to hear. The inventor of internet Vinton Cerf’s intention was to help his wife who was deaf again to communicate with the world in some way. Many other inventions like these examples were born as a conclusion of necessities of inventors. The thing that encourages people to creativity is the hard conditions, right?

So this is how pilates was born at the first place. Joseph Pilates who was struggling with asthma and rheumatism and who was a frail boy, strengthened his body by doing ski and gymnastic at a young age. While Joseph Plates was doing body-building exercises, he also developed new methods and besides he combined exercises in eastern form with physiology and movements and he discovered pilates. Additionally, Joseph applied Pilates method on the soldiers of World War I. When people of Pilates Camp weren’t affected by the flu epidemic which caused many people to die in England in 1918, the method that he applied gained significance. Plates, who continued to improve his method in Germany after the war and who taught it to city police, migrated to USA in 1926 and he opened his first pilates studio. Favorite dancers such as Graham and Balanchine were among his students and Pilates method became more and more popular. Plates, which was in vogue in the 21st century has been adopted by celebrities such as Madonna, Hugh Grant, Britney Spears and Julia Roberts.

Pilates helps us to have tight core muscles, a good body shape and to control muscles, it reduces the risk of having mutilations and enables us to have an athletic body structure. While you do pilates, you also need to concentrate on it, we should be restrained and we should be moving flowingly. Breathing in a correct way is essential while you are doing pilates. You should breathe as drawing a deep breath to the back of your back and under your belly and breathe out all the air that you have taken smoothly and without being panicked. By doing so, we will clean our blood completely in exhaling movement that we apply.

The studio opened by the Joseph Pilates which was firstly opened in 1926 in USA gained such fame thanks to its countless benefits that; now you may come across many different pilates studios in different regions all around the world. Also, gyms are giving pilates lessons within their body. Besides pilates is a kind of sport, it is also a type of physical therapy recommended by doctors specially to people who suffer from muscle diseases, who spend so much time sitting at the computer in today’s societies and who have back pain because of this reason. The biggest reason for why it became that popular is a conclusion of these reasons. As pestemal.com and Turkish Towel manufacturers, we also have become irreplaceable belonging of pilates lovers and many pilates studio prefer using pestemals which are 100% cotton rather than regular towels because of the reasons that they are absorber and easy to carry and light.

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